Started in Baku “Ordinary City” is a project which aims to show every possible corner of each city using different styles, by different artists. 
Ordinary city collective is a local collective of non-ordinary photographer friends Mahmud, Yusif and Said. Their love to the photography and passion to explore new, unseen edges of city turned into movement and at some period even an art career. Each person in this collcective has his own unique vision and approach to photography. The project warmly welcomed and got supporters not only from Baku but also from the photographers from all around the world. Operating mostly on social media they made global friendships for the love of photography.
Today their aim is to turn their collective into much bigger movement and build their unique project by holding exhibitions, publishing books, zines, prints, and sharing their personal visions with the world.
selected for the Trashpress' community zine "Close to Heaven"

selected for Trashpress' community zine "Close to Heaven", 2021

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